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The International Workshop for Coastal Reservoirs in Earthquake Active Areas (IWCREAA) will be hosted by the Tainan Hydr. Lab., National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), an event jointly organized by NCKU and IACRR. We gladly welcome the delegates to discuss "From Water Shortage to Water Security through Storage in Downstream Coastal Reservoirs".
In UN 2030 Agenda, the world must ensure its safe and affordable drinking water for all. The SDG6 becomes more challenging for earthquake active areas like Taiwan which is blessed by plentiful rainfall, on average 2.5m/year, triple the world average. It is not that these areas are running out of water, but water is running out these regions. The shortage is not water, but storage, because the earthquake risk makes large scale dams everywhere highly unlikely. Coastal Reservoir is a freshwater storage in the sea to develop floodwater. IACRR is a non-profit organization focusing on the CR technology, its aim is to provide sufficient, high-quality and affordable water to coastal communities with minimum environmental/social impacts. This workshop will provide an opportunity for water planners, civil engineers, financiers, decision makers and more to assess the CRs feasibility in earthquake active areas. We will explore research/industry partnership opportunities to ensure that CR is built and operated safely, efficiently, and economically. CRs are environmentally sustainable and socially beneficial. The experience in mitigation of flood disaster and water quality management will be highlighted, and their recent advances in practice will be reviewed.

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Mr. YuliangGu

Managing Director
National Eng. Res.Center for the Urban Water Resources Deve. & Util. (South), China

Topic : Shanghai's experience in coastal reservoir development

Mr. Kok Tian

TanPUB Singapore

Topic : Singapore's experience in coastal reservoir development

Dr. Chien-Hsin Lai

Director-General of Water Resources Agency, Ministry of Economic Affairs,Taiwan

Topic : Taiwan's water related Challenges and possible CR Opportunities

Prof. T.G. Sitharam

President IACRR

Topic : Challenges and Opportunities for CR design in earthquake coastal waters

Prof. Roger Falconer

Past President of IAHR ,Current Vice-president of IACRR

Topic : UK's experience of water quality management in coastal reservoirs

Prof. Hubert Savenije

Past President of IAHS Current Vice-president of IACRR

Topic : Coastal reservoir's design experience in the Netherlands and the changing demands of society

Prof.Pengzhi Lin

Sicuhan Univ.

Topic : History of Coastal Reservoirs in China

Dato Dr Tan Yew Chong

Secretary General of Ministry of Primary Industries, Malaysia.

Topic : Panning experience of coastal reservoirs in Malaysia

Prof.Shu - Qing Yang

Topic : Global CR's experience and Taiwan's possible CR layouts


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